About Amy


I help clients achieve their greatest mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, and fine-tune their lives according to their own inner authority.  I believe each of us holds within something essential for the whole.  In releasing this, we gift the collective and ourselves in the greatest possible way.  I help people recognize their unique gift and bring it to life.

I have always felt a deep sensitivity to the suffering in my world.  I have wondered how I could possibly have an effect.  It has become my passion and my quest to find my one clear note to offer this immense orchestra.  The many challenges and stumbling blocks that have arisen in this pursuit have given way to understanding, compassion, appreciation, humility and a sense of humor.  Through it, I have come alive to my purpose and connected with my one true voice,  as well as an enduring sense of well-being.


I coach individuals and groups through programs that help them transform the obstacles to well-being and unfold their personal mission.

I offer neurofeedback training, self-awareness and emotional self-regulation techniques.

I teach individuals how to master their thoughts, behavior and environment to achieve success and personal fulfillment. 

I create community through musical meditation events that invite audience renewal and participation in collective transformation.

I compose ambient music for choral and audience participation, blending meaningful words, nature recordings, brainwave entrainment, phrases and mantras from various traditions with original lyrics that transcend our differences and speak to our common desire to improve our lives.

My coaching programs, events, and music draw from my training in therapeutic sound, energetic healing, the fine and performing arts, naturalist training, spiritual counseling, bedside music for the ill and dying and hospice.  They’re also informed by my concentration in psychology, mythology, HeartMath® Research, brainwave entrainment, Neurofeedback, the world’s religious and sacred mystery traditions, parenting and the influence of many wonderful teachers. I have received certification in Sound Healing through Tom Kenyon and the Acoustic Brain Research foundation and am legally ordained by ‘The Sanctuary of The Beloved’. I am also a Certified HeartMath® Coach and a Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer.