Musician, Mentor, Spiritual Activist

Certified Sound Healer, Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer, Certified HeartMath® Coach, Life Coach 

Reach Your Optimal

Well Being

ACHIEVE your greatest mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health through brain training, self-awareness, emotional self-regulation techniques and learning to master your thoughts, behavior and environment. 


UP YOUR GAME no matter who you are or what you do, whether you’re a student, performer, athlete, healer, helper or just someone who wants to function at their best.  Create a new baseline to optimize your performance.


GIVE YOUR BEST  and experience the ultimate satisfaction of knowing that your life made a positive impact on the world.  There is someone you came to be and something you came to give.

Dear 1 in 7+ Billion Human,

I urge you not to compromise on the greatest vision you have for your life.  Your most inspired dreams have efficacy and purpose in leading you to your own success and the better world you seek. We Need You!

Often this fuller expression of yourself, this next level of fulfillment, requires a radical reframing on a very deep level or things don’t really change.  Negative storylines and defeating beliefs that our mammalian, pattern-seeking brains perpetuate, need to be interrupted and reprogrammed.  And, in many cases, a new emotional baseline must be established.

I can help you with this by sharing some very accessible, effective, scientifically-researched techniques that allow you to reconnect to your full authority and claim a new story for your life.

You’re here to live up to your dreams.  You are here to be secure and happy, and to extend your value to the world.  I am fully invested in seeing you make this deeper connection to your One True Voice so that you heal yourself, love your life and help us create the better world we all want.

With love,

Amy McTear