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Helping you reprogram negative beliefs and align your heart, mind and mission.

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Access inner wisdom

Emotionally self-regulate

Increase resilience & vitality

Gain clarity & focus

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Shift your perspective

Align with your purpose

Find meaning in the challenges

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Dear Seasoned Seeker,

You’re no newbie to personal growth. You’re a Wayshower. You care about others and you want to make a difference in this world. And yet, there still may be areas of your life that aren’t living up to your heart’s desire. You may feel at an impasse and can’t figure out why you’re unable to break through.

Whether this is occurring for you in the realm of your relationships, work, finance or health, I urge you not to compromise on the greatest vision you have for your life. Your most inspired dreams have efficacy and purpose in leading you to your own success and the better world you seek. We Need You!

Often this fuller expression of yourself, this next level of fulfillment, requires a radical reframing on a very deep level or things don’t really change. Negative storylines and defeating beliefs that our mammalian, pattern-seeking brains perpetuate, need to be interrupted and reprogrammed. And, in many cases, a new emotional baseline must be established.

I can help you with this by sharing some very accessible, effective, scientifically-researched techniques that allow you to reconnect to your full authority and claim a new story for your life.

You’re here to live up to your dreams. You are here to be secure and happy, and to extend your value to the world. I am fully invested in seeing you make this deeper connection to your One True Voice so that you heal yourself, love your life and help us create the better world we all want. Contact me to for your free 20-minute consultation!

With Heart,


“I was impressed with how well you were able to tune into me, and support me to tune into myself, especially my soul, as distinct from the ego story, and to see that I have the choice. Really very powerful insight for me, which I am still digesting. Thank you so much. You are a wise soul and healer.”  – G.S.

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“With tenderness and skill, you helped me identify my troubles, bravely engage face to face with them, and discover the great treasure that lives within them/exists because of them, those gifts that come from difficulty but make life impossibly more alive, real, rich, and meaningful. I have been turning lead into gold ever since.” – S.H.

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3, 6 and 12-Month Coaching Packages


Align heart, mind & life purpose

Disempower negative beliefs

Reframe your life and reprogram your mindset with custom  TrueVoiceTrax

Learn energy management techniques to help you emotionally self-regulate, access your heart’s intelligence and establish a new baseline.

Use Technology that helps you track & improve your response to stress

Get a free Brainwave Entrainment Track from my original library

All packages include 60 min a week of live coaching (4xs a month), Text & Email Support, Private Community on FB

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“Thank you, Amy, for being a tremendous positive influence on my life and its direction… I am in a wonderful vibrant and healthy relationship with a life partner and I am taking the steps to become a mental health counselor and have a successful professional career helping others in need, and the time spent with you and our group was a direct inspiration and motivation for me to make these dreams come true, on so many levels…”

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