Personal Coach & Sound Therapist


I’m here to facilitate you getting to the point where you love your life, live to your full capacity and empower your own success. We each make our most valuable contribution to the whole when we live according to our own inner authority, and when we discover and cultivate what matters to us most. j4pae7e2_ws-jared-eronduDespite cultural myths that promote fear and conformity, being the most clarified version of you is the grand design and the genuine path of least resistance. If you are living out of sync with your most inspired dreams, you are likely sabotaging your own success, while simultaneously denying the world your unique medicine.


Through cognitive exploration, dialogue, contemplative practices, written exercises, along with brainwave entrainment therapeutic sound sessions and heartmath coherence practices, I help you:

1. Distinguish and live aligned with your one true voice – your own inner guidance that can direct you in every moment toward the genuine fulfillment you seek.

2. Recognize and mitigate the power of conditioned voices, the unconscious beliefs and negative programming that interfere with your success and wellbeing.

3. Reprogram thoughts and inner storylines through self-hypnosis and other reinforcement techniques to help you generate a productive, supportive and enthusiastic mental outlook.

4. Discover what uniquely matters to you most and how this is inextricably linked to your individual mission and purpose.

5. Reorient your life around your purpose, and define clear steps for achieving your goals.

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 “I was impressed with how well you were able to tune into me, and support me to tune into myself, especially my soul, as distinct from the ego story, and to see that I have the choice. Really very powerful insight for me, which I am still digesting. Thank you so much. You are a wise soul and healer.”  – G.S. 

“With tenderness and skill, you helped me identify my troubles, bravely engage face to face with them, and discover the great treasure that lives within them/exists because of them, those gifts that come from difficulty but make life impossibly more alive, real, rich, and meaningful. I have been turning lead into gold ever since.” – S

“Thank you, Amy, for being a tremendous positive influence on my life and its direction… I am in a wonderful vibrant and healthy relationship with a life partner and I am taking the steps to become a mental health counselor and have a successful professional career helping others in need, and the time spent with you and our group was a direct inspiration and motivation for me to make these dreams come true, on so many levels…” 

Cancellation Policy

Due to my need to maintain a consistent schedule, a 48-hour cancellation notice is required for private sessions, otherwise the client is responsible for the fee.  If the session can be rescheduled within the week, the client will not be charged for the missed session.