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We all need support and assistance in getting clear on and achieving our goals. We are each accountable to reach our highest potential. Although it is what will make us feel best, it is not a selfish act.  In fact, it is the way that you best serve humanity. By empowering yourself, you empower others. By enjoying your life, you bring more joy into this world. By achieving your maximum health and wellbeing, you are able to truly care for others and make your most valauble contribution to the world. We Need You.

Helping You Reprogram Negative Beliefs & Align Your Heart, Mind & Mission

True Heart

RECONNECT to your heart’s intelligence, emotionally self-regulate, build personal resilience, stop energy drains and establish a new baseline with HeartMath® Coherence Techniques.

True Mind

REPROGRAM negative beliefs and defeating storylines that keep you stuck in old patterns, with skillfully composed self-affirmations, self-hypnosis, brainwave entrainment and Neuroptimal® brain training.

True Mission

REFRAME your perspective on who you are and why you are here. Discover how your most inspired dreams lead you to your purpose, your best life and your most valuable contribution to the whole.

Neuroptimal® Trainer

Certified HeartMath® Coach


You’re on this earth for a reason and a purpose that is unique to you. You’re here to learn something and you’re here to make an offering. The work for each of us humans is to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of completing our life’s mission.

I won’t hesitate to hold you accountable to your own greatness. My goal is to help you recover self-mastery on every level of your life and reestablish a formidable connection to your one true voice.

Our focus will span the practical to the unseen. We’ll examine your past and what you intend for your future. We’ll investigate how your purpose has informed your hopes and dreams. We’ll establish and track clear goals. Through our collaboration, you’ll gain mastery over your response to stress, increase your intuition and improve your cognition.

I work with scientifically researched and validated methods that help you tap into your heart intelligence, improve brain health and shift neural patterns that are a result of trauma. You’ll learn to emotionally self-regulate and self-direct. You’ll understand the subconscious programming that has kept you from achieving your goals. You’ll rewrite the script and imprint a new map for your life.


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* All packages include weekly meetings and up to 15 minutes of text, email or phone support in between.

Single Session

75 min.


3 months

4-60 min. meetings a month



6 months

4-60 min. meetings per month


12 months

4-60 min. meetings per month



“With tenderness and skill, you helped me identify my troubles, bravely engage face to face with them, and discover the great treasure that lives within them/exists because of them, those gifts that come from difficulty but make life impossibly more alive, real, rich, and meaningful. I have been turning lead into gold ever since.” – S.H.

“Thank you, Amy, for being a tremendous positive influence on my life and its direction… I am in a wonderful vibrant and healthy relationship with a life partner and I am taking the steps to become a mental health counselor and have a successful professional career helping others in need, and the time spent with you and our group was a direct inspiration and motivation for me to make these dreams come true, on so many levels…”

“I was impressed with how well you were able to tune into me, and support me to tune into myself, especially my soul, as distinct from the ego story, and to see that I have the choice. Really very powerful insight for me, which I am still digesting. Thank you so much. You are a wise soul and healer.”  – G.S.

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