Life Coaching

  • get mentally and emotionally unstuck
  • function at your best so you can thrive and make a positive difference in the world
  • reprogram subconscious beliefs that keep you from being your true self

I believe that ultimately our purpose is to evolve ourselves and make a contribution to the evolution of the whole.  Many things can stand in the way of reaching our greatest potential, including negative subconscious programming and limiting beliefs.

My goal is to help you reestablish a formidable connection to your one true voice.  We’ll track goals and help you get clear on what you really want.  You’ll reimagine yourself and rescript the inner voices that direct your daily behavior.

I offer scientifically researched and validated methods that can help you gain mastery over your response to stress, increase your intuition and improve cognition.  You’ll tap into heart intelligence, improve brain health and shift neural patterns resulting from trauma, stress and overthinking.

We uncover inner stories, question basic impressions and teach your mind to work for you, rather than against you.  You’ll learn to emotionally self-regulate and self-direct as you rewrite the script and imprint a new map for your life!

How To Start

Call or message me and we can set up a time to talk and answer any questions you might have.


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Amy McTear is uniquely qualified to help you uncover the subconscious barriers that are preventing you from making lasting change and achieving your goals.  Her practices are grounded in the latest research in neuroscience and how the brain works.  So many of our beliefs about ourselves get programmed into our subconscious brains before we are 6 years old.  That is one reason why it can be so hard to overcome old patterns and conditioning.  Amy understands and practices the methods to uncover this early programming and change it to match our current reality.  She uses many different methods depending on the person she is working with and what they are working on.  I have found Amy to be highly knowledgeable, down-to-earth, compassionate and real.  She is helping me uncover beliefs about myself and the world that I never knew were getting in the way of my happiness and my ability to be of service in the world in the way I want to.  I highly recommend her work for anyone who wants to stop letting their old, limiting beliefs about themselves and the world get in the way of reaching their potential.

Stephanie Ellis

Amy has helped me to examine my core beliefs and related patterns of thinking, and helped me to realize that I have the power to redirect myself at any time.  The work I have done with her has changed my life in ways that I did not think were possible.  She truly has a gift for creating the space that allows real lasting changes to occur.

Terri Van Slyke

“With tenderness and skill, you helped me identify my troubles, bravely engage face to face with them, and discover the great treasure that lives within them/exists because of them, those gifts that come from difficulty but make life impossibly more alive, real, rich, and meaningful.  I have been turning lead into gold ever since.” – S.H.

“Thank you, Amy, for being a tremendous positive influence on my life and its direction… I am in a wonderful vibrant and healthy relationship with a life partner and I am taking the steps to become a mental health counselor and have a successful professional career helping others in need, and the time spent with you and our group was a direct inspiration and motivation for me to make these dreams come true, on so many levels…”

“I was impressed with how well you were able to tune into me, and support me to tune into myself, especially my soul, as distinct from the ego story, and to see that I have the choice.  Really very powerful insight for me, which I am still digesting.  Thank you so much.  You are a wise soul and healer.”  – G.S.

“Amy wants to see her clients thriving in their lives by uncovering and eliminating anything within them that is interfering with the fullest expression of their true purpose and meaning in life.  My sense is Amy recognizes our true happiness lies in aligning with our deepest values and allowing them to guide and lead us in making decisions about how we want to live our lives, fulfill our core desires, and accomplish our most important goals.  Amy‘s work is rooted in the understanding of  the interface of motivation Psychology with the most current neuroscience demonstrating how our brains function.  Her work with the Neuroptimal method of brain biofeedback training and the research of the heart math institute has helped develop her approach to coaching.  She has used her own experiences to create a roadmap for her clients to journey with themselves into a  process of self discovery and personal growth.  My experience is that Amy is a champion for the highest expression of my true self in my life and through my work in the world.  Amy models and expresses an alignment with her most authentic self together with her mission and purpose for her own life.  She communicates with genuine kindness and caring for the well-being of those who work with her.  She makes no promises or guarantees save for the wisdom behind and value of the tools she offers to support her clients  progress.  I can highly recommend her process and the person behind it.  Amy is doing good work in the world. “

Bob Lesnow