About One True Voice

404237_10150537278788279_528943278_8615849_1546588022_nIn a world where we have lost connection to our inherent purpose and our most valuable guiding resource, OTV helps individuals restore authority to their one true voice to achieve personal and collective well-being, offering live interactive musical events, inspirational speaking and writing, virtual and in-person classes and one-on-one mentoring.

Governed by your true voice…

  • You naturally draw upon your greatest capacities.
  • You are vitalized rather than depleted by your doing.
  • You gravitate toward the associations and experiences that bring the greatest joy and connection.
  • And you fulfill your personal mission by making a unique offering to the overall web.

Beneath a cacophony of cultural and mind-generated voices is your one true voice.  Your one true voice can direct you in every moment toward the genuine fulfillment you seek.  But how do you distinguish it?  How do you live aligned with it?  You have the ability to realign to the tone of your one true voice.  By becoming familiar with the patterns of the conditioned voices, you mitigate their power and recover true inner guidance. And, by following your joy and excitement to the discovery of what matters to you most, you empower your greatest wellbeing and your most valuable contribution to the whole.

You are one note in a great collective chorus, but your note is epic!


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