One True Voice 

a credo, a community, a call to action

F   I   R   S   T   ~   L   E   T   ’   S    G   E   T    C   L   E   A   R 

ABOUT WHY we’re not here.

Though we are here to get along, we are not here to GO ALONG.

We are not here to blend in or DISAPPEAR,

or to make decisions based on FEAR.

We are not here to be invisible or MISERABLE, inaudible or unseen,

cogs in someone else’s machine –

whether corporate, cultural or anything in between.

We are not here to live shallow, to SWALLOW OUR VOICE, or to believe

following what matters to us most IS NOT a choice.

We did not come to LIVE ALMOST, to sing someone else’s song,

or to take someone else’s ride

by suppressing the dreamer inside

We are not here to be CARELESS, DESTRUCTIVE, or NEEDY,

to prolong suffering, increase the ranks of the greedy.

We’re not here to stand     A L  O  N  E    ,

nor here to be chained,

powerless, apathetic,

unable to


We are here on a mission.

We are here on DUTY.

We are here for mastery, excellence, & beauty.

We are here to HEAL from our temporary amnesia

& REMEMBER our purpose as human beings,

to assume our role in the universe’s great “one turning.”

We are here to take chances and CLAIM WHAT MATTERS,

to let inner vision inform decision,

to fail, begin again, and REVISION.

We are here to FREE the dreamer inside, to THRIVE, to RISE,

collaboratecooperate, and


We are here to fill our own shoes, create the world we would choose,

“let the beauty we love be what we do”

And, We Need You.

©Amy McTear