Yes to all I am


“All that fell to wake this sleeping heart, the road thread high and low. All this seeding the sacred meeting, this wholly coming home…” – Amy McTear


In becoming more and more of who we are, we can count on the subsequent collapse of all that was built on resistance to the life most meant for us. I am emerging from just such a cleanse. I have spent the past several years tenderly mourning the losses and surrendering comforts, crutches and safe choices in order to clear the way for a life much more truly my own.

The transition to a more whole version of myself has been eventful.  I think as we say yes to a bigger life, the universe colludes with us.  The momentum with which our lives can be corrected and dramatically swept clean is often quite turbulent. When we are in it, it feels counter intuitive  to allow this natural process.

I am pretty certain the the storm has passed and the wreckage is behind me now. I feel like I am standing before a bright open field, sobered, humble and real. I have a profound sense of peace and a capacity for joy that I have not previously experienced.

I believe my personal experience and that of many other people mirrors a larger movement.  As humanity awakens to larger sense of self, many forms and structures that are out of integrity with the greater dimension of who we are suffering their demise.

In these powerful times, we can contract in fear or contact a deeper trust, and allow the mysterious intelligence of life to run it’s course.  All we need to do is claim our desire for a true life.  These cycles of rise and fall are nothing new, yet what is being born, if we fully allow it, is.


One thought on “Yes to all I am

  1. Joseph

    This post, itself, is like a spring flower rising out of the winter ground… and what a winter! Thanks for the beauty and wisdom. I like this perspective: “These cycles of rise and fall are nothing new, yet what is being born is, if we fully allow it…”


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