Who’s Calling?

Screenshot 2016-08-25 19.18.36I was introduced us to the concept of a ‘calling’ by the Catholic Sisters that taught me throughout grade school. God, they informed us small humans, would be calling a certain percentage of us to the religious life, meaning the convent or the priesthood. They let us know that denial was futile. If we were being called, we would eventually have to answer. It was God after all. All of about 8 years old, I could think of nothing worse than a life in the convent. I feared the call and prayed he would not notice me.

I was lead to believe that my calling as an outer voice.

A large part of my recovery from depression, which began for me at a very early age, included redefining defeating beliefs inherent in the religious and cultural myths into which I was born. I believe my depression was a spiritual response to having to diminish the dreamer inside, the imaginal being that I was, the one to whom conforming to an outer authority literally meant death in the most profound sense – the death of my unique purpose and my mission.

Our calling is the voice of authority within us, calling us to wake up to exactly who we are, to create the life that resonates with our most genuine nature. Most of our problems stem from resisting this unfolding.

I reeducated myself and my depression has not returned in over a decade. I have taught my own children this. I have shared this with my young students and my adult clients…

Follow your joy, child, it will lead you to where you are wanting to go. Follow your excitement, child. It is the vibrational resonance telling you that you are on your way to who you came to be. Follow your wonder, child. It wants to show you what you care about and what you have come to caretake and serve. Never dismiss your wildest dreams, as they have efficacy and purpose in showing you who you came to be. Do only what you care about as it is your path of least resistance, activating your native intelligence and creativity. 





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