What We Look For, We See.


What I look for, I see. Yes, logical. What I focus on grows in my awareness. Makes sense. What I tend to expect, I tend to find. Yes.

Anyone disagree? In the bible it says, “Seek and you shall find.”  The sages of ancient India taught us that what we focus on grows.

So, what if we expected wellness, happiness, support, safety, connection, prosperity…or whatever it is we wish we had?  How would that change what we see in our daily lives?

Experiment with me.  Expect ____________ (fill in the blank with what you think you don’t have, that you wish you did).  Start simple with one thing, and maybe not the thing you feel the greatest lack of…or maybe!

Spend one day.  Remind yourself, condition yourself to expect that.  Act, if you must at first, like someone who has that.  Feel like someone who expects that to be so.  Try it for a couple days, if you can tolerate it.

See how or if it changes anything.  And let me know.  This is one of my favorite spiritual practices:).


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