Well Within

so_grdf3sto-marco-de-waalI imagine a deep well within me – a rich, fertile, sanctified landscape at the center of my being that is untouched by the traumas and dramas of my surface existence, an inner stream of wellness, the source of my life force and vitality, a portal into my eternal nature…

…a locus of knowing that gets it already and understands full well I am on a wild joy ride… the place from which I have come, the place from which I emerge into the world and through which I make my returns momentarily, daily, and at the end of life.

I anchor myself here.  When my outer life is particularly stormy or disorienting, or I feel any disturbance whatsoever, I know to reestablish my connection to my well within.

It reassures me to make this contact.  I am reminded of the ultimate truth; that I am infinitely safe beyond any real need for safety, and that I am here for the full experience of life; the love, the joy, the sorrow…

I am well within when I am connected to this well within me.  My awareness of the full dimension of my nature moves to the forefront of my consciousness.  I am aware of my origins, aware of my ultimate nature, I am aware of what an amazing landscape this outer universe is, teeming with richness and variety.

I am aware that on this joy ride, I get to choose to place my focus anywhere I want, to choose what I will give my life force to and what I will let go to seed within me and what I want to flower.

I have learned that what I focus on is what grows around me, and that focus by focus, thought by thought, emotion by emotion, I create the characters, story lines and conditions of my life…

photo by Marco De Waal


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