The Mantra of Well Being

  love rain down on me

rest deep in the well of my being

love rain down, oh holy rain

wash away harm's trace

One of the most profound spiritual practices I have undertaken to date is the practice of 'letting in love'.  Amma, our modern day "hugging saint" from India describes two kids of poverty.  The first results from a lack of food, shelter and clothing.  The second is a poverty of love.  While in the East there is widespread suffering from the first, here in the western world she observes, we suffer in epidemic proportions from the latter.

There is an infinite source of energy in the universe which has been referred to by many names – ‘God’ , ‘The Divine’, ‘Source’  and often simply ‘Love’.  We live within this infinite energy and it lives within us.  All of creation at the most fundamental level, is vibration.   

The universe is fundamentally love, teeming with love actually.  We cannot stop the continous flow of this energy throughout, but we do possess the power to block it within our own energy field.  Many of us live largely unaware that we are doing just this on a daily basis, denying ourselves the love that is available to us in abundance. 

I weep listening to all the people singing with us on the summer solstice.  We had nearly 200 voices in that cave, calling love back in that moment.  Maybe you will join us next year!

This "Mantra of Well Being" was born in a moment when no solutions could be found, seemingly the bottom.  Those moments are of great value as I had no other recourse but to make an appeal from the fundamental level of my being and invite the pure healing energy of love.

It continues to feel good, as I sing this song to myself nearly every day when I sense myself even subtly shift into holding life/holding love away.  I am amazed at the power of such a simple song.  I am sharing it with you in case you might like to add it to your personal mantras.


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