Written Testimonials from Audience Members: 

“What a wonderful concert it was. I felt as if each song was speaking to me personally. It broke my heart open. So Touching and Inspirational. Thank you.” – Dawn Carpino

“Another beautiful and amazing event. I cherish these experiences. The program, the talent, and the sounds are so deeply uplifting. The voices and the music resonates with me for days. We are so blessed to be local… Gratitude..” – Terry Merrill

“Another fantastic and transformative event. I left feeling nourished and full of Love.” – Janet Gardiner

“Your event was so beautiful, so heartfelt and such an opportunity for community spirit building! Your music, your sensitive song writing and lyrical poetic verses touched our hearts. It was a great band and the musicians offered their own skilled voices to raise the quality of the journey you took us on. And, we were so happy to see such a large crowd – the room was full with people eager for the experience. Thank you for letting your vision soar and manifest. May you continue to invite us all to share the journey.”- Lynn Margileth

“Your opening song was absolutely beautiful. Your voice filled the cave with such grace and power. I also was struck by the opportunity to create the future, and the offerings given by the audience. Hearing people speak out in that way was really surreal in some way, and so exciting.…” – Diane S.

“I would say masterful– the sequence of the gong bath, the singing bowls and toning; relaxing, disarming and providing opening for the focus on individual and collective goals, and beginning to look at the shadow of resistance. A sensitive, gentle listening; at the same time challenging, and always a feeling of firm support. Thank you!” – George Jacobs

“Wonderful, truly. I got a few inspirational messages from within that brought me peace. You are amazing at what you do, what you offer. Thank you.” -Jennifer B.

Testimonials from Workshop Participants: 

“It is a wonderful thing to find a place and a group of people where you can truly reveal the most intimate aspects of your being, and feel safe, secure and supported. It has never been easy for me to reveal myself and to unmask all of the layers of protection that I go around with everyday. However, with your loving, intuitive and insightful guidance – I have been able to begin to do that. There is a level of trust and a total sensitivity you have to where each one of us is in our own personal growth, that has allowed us to begin to unmask our false outer layers and find the true self underneath. You are one of these amazing individuals who you meet maybe very few times in a life time -someone who is so authentic, and so true to yourself, that you can’t help but inspire us to a higher place.” – Andrea Soberman

“It was a beautiful workshop and you are a beautiful facilitator. Your gentle presence, honesty and insightful comments and questions made me feel comfortable and inspired to share and reflect with others. Thank you.” – Joanne Gangemi

Testimonials from private mentoring clients:

“Thank you, Amy, for being a tremendous positive influence on my life and its direction… I am now in a wonderful vibrant and healthy relationship with a life partner and I am taking the steps to become a mental health counselor and have a successful professional career helping others in need, and the time spent with you was a direct inspiration and motivation for me to make these dreams come true, on so many levels…”  – S.T.

“I was impressed with how well you were able to tune into me, and support me to tune into myself, especially my soul, as distinct from the ego story, and to see that I have the choice. Really very powerful insight for me, which I am still digesting. Thank you so much. You are a wise soul and healer.”  – G.S.