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Growing Up as a Species

We have colluded with a world that denies our true nature, making it an unsustainable world. In our growing up as a species, it is time to realize that we, as individuals, have an ability and an accountability to affect a new reality.


I grew up believing the world is a dangerous place. But, after a whole lot of suffering and some careful deliberation, I have changed my mind.

Reality is magical. I can observe my perception of it changing from one thought to the next.

When I notice the world around me looking ominous, I pause, reel in, examining my thoughts and what they reflect about my strongest beliefs.  Though contextual elements vary, I can always find one of these dispirited myths at the source:





1. Pause & Observe the Underlying Myth

The first thing I do is allow myself to feel compassion for my feelings. Yeah, these are powerful cultural myths being fed and reflected to us at every turn! They have been drilled into us for a long time through our creation stories, nursery rhymes, media, politics and personal relationships. We are well-practiced at them, like it or not.

Just as I would comfort one of my children suffering emotional pain, so I comfort the child in me. It’s tough being human. By doing diligence around this act of self-compassion, I not only make myself feel better, I also do not have to store the emotional pain to be dealt with at a later time.  Maybe you can also appreciate one less piece of emotional baggage. 😉

2. Update the Story

Next, I consciously change the thought. If “I am separate” is the myth currently getting the most airtime in my head, I identify the antidote – the medicinal thought to counteract this rather poisonous one. What thought do I prefer? What is more true?

My new thought could be simply, “I belong”.  I belong to this earth, this species. I am inextricably linked to everything everywhere when it comes right down to it. And I have a strong belief that I am needed to do my part, just like everyone else.

3. Look for Evidence

Next, I look for evidence to support my new thought. As I look for it, lo and behold, I begin to see it in my environment. I see how alike we are in so many ways. I see how we all want the same thing at our core. I see how we effect one another, how we effect our environment and how our environment effects us. The dispirited myth of separation begins to look comical.

Before I know it, my perception of my world has morphed. I see a world of compassion. I see a world I am undeniably a part of, a world to which I belong. I see our similarities as we are all trying to secure ourselves, to find our way, to do what we think we are supposed to be doing. I see myself in you, and you in everything.

Am I out of touch with reality? Or, am I choosing which to align with? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let’s talk. Comment in the box below.

What does it serves to focus on a negative reality? How can we address negative situations while maintaining our energetic allegiance to the reality we prefer?

Let’s discuss that next post.