The Spiritual Path and the Sun

Mid-June marked the peak of extroversion for me.  After that, if I paid attention, I could observe myself subtly but steadily retreating inward.  Next week, the sun will spend equal time above the horizon as it does below, and I too will likely have the desire for a balance of solitude and communion.

ziceedwwh0o-andy-chilton All that I set in motion early in the year that managed to take root in the world and reach fullness, I will harvest and integrate in the weeks to come.

Undeniably, I am influenced by my planet’s movement around the sun.  I am as much nature as the plants and animals, and so my spiritual life tends to mirror the path of the largest and most influential star in my solar system.

Over the years, I have consciously allowed these cues from the sun to inform my spiritual practice.  Here in the northern hemisphere, we are currently approaching another distinct phase in the solar-spiritual year, the autumnal equinox through the cross quarter day of November 1st.

This is a time of pulling into closure a year of growth; an important phase for integrating new dimensions of self and seeing that they become well established in the totality of our being.

Over the next several days I will be writing more about this and looking at spiritual practice from a broad perspective.

I am inviting my readers and particularly my unencumbered being focus group to join me in 40 days of practice (the 40 day period extending from the equinox, September 23rd through November 1st).  By being in contact here I hope to create a network to support each of us in sustaining a consistent and effective practice.

I hope you will be inspired after the next couple posts to create a relevelant spiritual practice for yourself that will serve your current needs best and therefore bring you into greater balance and alignment.

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More to come, stay tuned!


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