Letting Go – So Comes Love

bev2nud9dqs-markus-spiskeE.E. Cummings in his poem Let it Go, persuades us to let it all go…’it was born to… sworn to go…’ he says, ‘so comes love’.

The human spirit in its fully realized state lives in peaceful union with the dissolve, welcoming opportunities to let go, shed heaviness and density, die and be reborn repeatedly.

But most of us are unwittingly aligned with the prevailing creed that indoctrinates us to hold on for dear life, avoid death, fight for our lives, battle illness… and terrorism… and environmental disaster…

But all this avoiding, fighting and battling expends our life force and keeps us in a rigid posture of anticipating the next threat or danger, unable to fully engage with joy, love and beauty in the present.

We can hold ourselves apart, in preparation for what might ‘get’ us or destroy us next, or we can practice non-resistance, of letting in and letting go.

Really it is about our choices in the moment. Do we let in pleasure, choose thoughts that feel well in our bodies rather that disturb us, focus on simple beauty rather than horror? We can let go of our compulsion to suffer and still take calculated action where it is needed.

The divide or internal split occurs when the spirit longs for the dissolve, and the mortal fearfully defends against it.  This holy letting go into love and joy, this knowing of our boundless nature and our part in some greater oneness threatens the ego; the separate self.

To love the dissolve and embrace our full humanity fulfills a profound dimension of our purpose.   It is wholeheartedly human to weep at the comings and goings, the end of the flowering, the aging, the loss of the loved one who is returning to the nonphysical realm… the surrendering of our own lives when the time comes…

We have selected this human incarnation to experience the full spectrum.  We have the capacity to hold two seemingly opposing states of being.  We can be tender and mournful and simultaneously celebratory of life, and realize that the inevitable dissolving is, in reality, no threat whatsoever to our overall nature.






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