The Higher Ground

It used to be that my thoughts were largely negative, only I was so desensitized to feeling badly that I did not notice.  It began a long time ago as a measure of self-protection… I think.  If I were hard on myself, then I would improve.  If I thought of what could go wrong, then I would be better prepared…

It was faulty logic that exponentially increased my level of misery and vibrationally conditioned me to become the breeding ground for all the things I did not want.

I have become sensitive again.  I dislike the negative reels, replays and play by plays of what might go wrong.  I have little tolerance for my own senseless bad news, fixation on painful images, preoccupation with difficult feelings and thoughts that injure my spirit and lower my esteem and confidence.

Through reeducation, self care, practice and reprogramming, I have noticed that what gets air time in these precious 8″ between my ears, has gradually attuned to uplifted thoughts, flirtation with happiness and downright preoccupation with a healthier, more fulfilled life… Hallelujah!

We are now 12 days into our 40-day practice.  How is it going for you?  Do you care to share what your practice has consisted of and how have you structured it?  Has it been difficult to maintain?  How do you feel?  What do you notice?  Please feel invited to share anything you care to.

The past 12 mornings for me have begun by assessing my mental, physical and emotional state, and noting it in my journal.  Then I ask myself, ‘What is the higher ground that I would prefer?’  Meaning, how would I rather feel?  I name that and record it in my journal.

And then I plunge into some of the most enjoyable moments of my day; the blissful practice of embodying the state of being that I most desire.  How near or far I am from it determines how easy or difficult it is for me to make the shift.

The days when I am most distant, I have learned to be a child again imagining myself as I want to be when I grow up.  I allow the preoccupation with what it would it feel like to be the one I dream of being.

Imagination yields to feeling better, and then feeling better yields to becoming.  It is at that point that I understand that the process is simply recognizing and reclaiming these disowned part of my own nature.


3 thoughts on “The Higher Ground

  1. c

    I thought to share my experience over the last couple of weeks. My goal has been to replace certain distracting thoughts with awareness when they appear and accept those thoughts may return. My hope is that with enough practice, eventually, the shift toward consciousness becomes nearly automatic. This first few weeks were difficult – some days are definitely worse than others.
    My challenge is with lust. It seems to have an overbearing hold of me and knows when to ‘attack’. I have a tendency to dwell on distracting ideas that draw more time and energy than I care to admit. I seek to replace those thoughts when they arrise by taking a deep breath and simply observe that it has returned – with an empty promise, just like before. Some days I do fine in establishing space between the thoughts and me – I can look at a bird, a tree, a flower, and observe the lust vaporize. However, I sometimes notice that the lustful thoughts return with more strength, find new ways to enter my life scenario and stay longer than I’m used to experiencing. I try to silence my mind again, yet the thoughts return. I then become upset and loose repect for myself and become angry, in some cases angry or impatient with those I care about that are around me too.
    After thinking a bit about the source of these thoughts and the pattern of their appearance, I’ve realized that these lustful thoughts and actions used to get me through difficult times. I used to indulge to escape certain forms of pain I experienced in my life, throughout my teens and into adulthood. I don’t need them now.
    As I try to move onward leaving those thoughts behind, it seems my ego is on a mission to come up with 1000 reasons why I should not. I know that in the end there is no room for those thoughts no matter how appealing.
    As we progress through the next couple of weeks, I am going to ask for divine help to give me the support I need to see beyond the lure of lust and reduce the impact it has on my daily thoughts and experiences.

  2. c

    This comment from Eckhart Tolle hits the nail on the head with regard to some of my comments about thoughts that instantiate from nowhere, then run amok.
    “Sometimes a thought has a magnetic pull, as if it wants more of your consciousness. It wants to grow, because it’s a little entity. It wants attention and it tries to get it in subtle ways. It might even use a bodily feeling. “I’m hungry suddenly.” Then presence is gone, and you’re gone, looking for a restaurant in your mind… ”


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