Radically Reframing Your Life

If you’ve been around the block when it comes to personal growth and there are still areas of your life that are not living up to your heart’s desire, I assure you that you are not alone.

There is a tribe of Wayshowers, ‘Seasoned Seekers’ I call them, who are fully active in their role of helping others, who have hit an impasse within in themselves. They are flustered that they haven’t been able to breakthrough to the next level of fulfillment, whether that is a fuller expression of themselves in the world, a shift in their relationships, a better financial situation, or the desired improvement to their health. They know what they want to achieve and, in many cases, have spent many years working on it, and yet they haven’t fully succeeded in manifesting their dream.

If this is you, most importantly, I urge you not to compromise on your vision. Your most inspired dreams have efficacy and purpose in leading you to your own success and the better world we all seek. (We Need You!)

Secondly, what you may not realize is that there are key points along the path that require a radical reframing on a very deep level, or things cannot really change. You are likely running an old operating system that doesn’t  match the latest version of your capacity to dream. You get my drift? Things don’t work that way, no matter how great the new vision.

The first step is determining what operating system, or underlying storyline, you are working with. Just like many of us are confused about this detail with regard to our own computers, I venture to say there are more who are unaware of the story that is shaping their perception of reality.

I often ask clients when we begin working together: What do you believe at the most fundamental level, about life, your value, your reason for being? Like most modern humans, it is a story of limitation, fraught with defeating beliefs that run counter to their high-minded vision for their life. No wonder they aren’t succeeding in achieving what they want.

I learned this about myself some years ago, and I still need apply this when I feel stuck. When I know what I want but I don’t experience flow, I know that I need to examine what underlying template might be interfering. I know it is time to upgrade the operating system, a process that happens over time. These are times for us all to question the story we tell ourselves about who we are and why we are here. These are times to rewrite that story in our own consciousness so that it can eventually spill out into the collective consciousness. What template underlies your view of life? This is the first step to achieving your dreams….