One Whole Heart

“A thousand half-loves must be forsaken, in order to take one whole heart home.” – Rumi

9njcylevrwy-justin-luebkeWithin the soul matrix of every human being resides an artist.  Our lives are the clay.  If we faithfully direct our feet in the direction of our deepest longings, we will be shown the light that we carry within and that we have pledged to share.  “Where your heart calls you, is where you have promised to be” says Emmanuel.

We often assume the role of beggar more persuasively than we do our true role as creators.  We cling to situations, circumstances and people that do not meet our deepest aspirations. We feel undeserving of our most inspired vision. We might even believe settling for less is honorable believing, ‘I should just be satisfied with what I have.’

When we disregard our true desire, longing and preferences, we can put ourselves out of sync with our inherent vibration. We are not honoring these emotional indicators for what they truly are – messengers from the soul.

Do we realize what discord we contribute to the whole by making this our life

Rumi tells us that the ‘half loves’, our fearful attachments to that which the divine being in us would not choose, must be bravely forsaken in order to make our most generous contribution to this life; deliverance of the one true ‘whole-hearted’ self.


3 thoughts on “One Whole Heart

  1. dahlia

    Amy dear,
    I love your words, your voice, your expression of truth and beauty in this world.
    Yes, we must follow where the heart leads us to be.

  2. c

    I honor the context in which you use the words longing and desire. I realize desire formed by the soul is different than by the ego. I want to share an experience of the latter in hopes of building a greater understanding the former.
    This week my ego challenged me, and won. I gave in.
    I realize this sounds like I’m schizophrenic, but I witnessed a battle between my conscious-aware spirit and my pleasure seeking, numb-minded ego.
    A particular desire has haunted me for a decade or more. I don’t want to imply this is something that came to me without my wanting, I’m not a victim – I stumbled across it, indulged in it, and cultivated it in various forms over the years because it gave pleasure. I became it’s subject.
    But recently, I realized that when focusing on the present moment, I acquired the ability to play down the ‘reward’ this desire promised. Maintaining awareness did not dissolve the wanting out-right, but it subtly placed it in the background so that I was able to see other options for attention in front of me.
    Even so, I knew at any moment, I could seek it, pull it into the foreground and become consumed again.
    This week, I did just that. The opportunity to indulge presented itself. I jumped in head first without looking back until later.
    A few things I learned…
    1.) The ego will make great strides with very little runway. It is extremely efficient and seems to have its own energy source.
    2.) Awareness requires some degree of intention. While I don’t like thinking I must try to be aware, after all it is a natural state of ours, there must be some willingness not to entertain the ego’s desires and no attention should be given to it.
    3.) The greater the ability for one to exercise awareness, the greater and more cunning one may find his ego to counter. There is definitely some level of escalation taking place between consciousness and ego as we strive for broader awareness, making number 2 all the more important.
    4.) One will notice that the universe itself will step in to support you against your ego if you listen and witness. On multiple occasions my ego’s plans were derailed by circumstance as the universe seemed to introduce obstacles to counter fulfilling this desire. I’d almost say it was my guardian angel watching out for me 🙂
    So, I’ve learned that working toward full consciousness is not an easy road. And as I’ve mentioned, I dislike portraying maintaining awareness as work, but there is some level of commitment involved to break old pre-programming and maintaining the edge on an ego that is used to having his way.
    Perhaps replacing the desire of the ego with the desire of the soul is the answer?

  3. Amy McTear

    dear c,
    Our egoic desires can be ultra powerful. They can easily become our addictions.
    It has helped me to follow my desire or longing back to its source, asking the question, “Does this desire have it’s roots in inadequacy or wholeness?”
    In other words, which part of me gave birth to this longing, the one who is/has never enough, or the one who creates because it is her inherent nature, her purpose, her offering?
    You are right. Knowing which requires watchfulness and we have to work diligently to refine our awareness with regard to the motivation behind creation and interaction.
    Though there is an ‘original’ state of awareness, it does not seem our ‘natural’ state of being in this reality, does it?
    My friend said to me on the phone the other night, when I asked how she was, “I am fine. I am just working so hard to be at ease.”
    We both exploded in laughter … recognizing how true it is. We have to work so hard to be at ease! One of the crazy contradictions in this dimension of duality.


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