The One True Voice Creed

I AM ALIVE for the purpose of serving my individual growth, as well as the growth of the whole.
My wholehearted participation and generosity of spirit in sharing my gifts, is the promise my soul made in taking this life.
I give my highest regard to how I feel, honoring my emotions as the messengers from my Source, that they truly are.
I resolve to live in alignment with my True Self.
I pledge to no longer abstain from Self-love.
With my thoughts, I create my world.  I aim to focus my attention on well being, rather than the absence of it.
I consider my highest achievement and my greatest success, to be a state of Joy.
My inner lover knows I am on a holy mission, a grand treasure hunt of finding out through what I love, what I have come to offer.
Each inhale is an invitation from life, a call to union.
Each exhale is my reply, an acceptance of this invitation and an offering of my spirit.
Before opening my eyes each morning, I aspire to open my heart, awakening and inviting the inner lover to steward my life.
I offer my life, my existence, as a sacred meeting ground for Great Love, the blessed and precious union of Spirit and Matter.

©Amy McTear

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