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'Sat Sri Akal' is a Punjabi/Sikh greeting that roughly translates as, "The timeless being is the ultimate truth." 

When I identify with the deathless part of my nature, I lose any reason to cling.  When I have no reason to cling, I allow life in.  Even my dying moments are filled with more presence and joy.

Daily, I remind myself of this ultimate truth; that though this body, this name, my loved ones, my material belongings will all change form someday, ultimately the greater part of me is not bound to these comings and goings. 

My body responds to this thought with an immediate exhale of relief, as if without it this awareness, I subtly hold my breath in defense of life.

These sung mantras are my medicine, my way to stay clear in this regard.  Set to music, my intentions and prayers seem to enter and ground in me more readily.  

It has been fun to play around with adding imagery to the music.  I regard this as a healthy balance to all the disturbing images that I can be confronted with on a daily basis.

If you are in need of comfort or remembrance, may this support you as well, in your return to wellness.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Deathless

  1. c

    Amy – thank you. The chant and the imagery which accompanies it is inspiring.
    My struggle with clinging to the formless is great when considering relationships. I find that I awake many days thinking about what I can do to bind closer to my children, my brother and sisters, some close friends… as if I need to create greater closeness or simply arrange to spend more time together.
    The loneliness I feel without them, without sharing time with them, brings on waves of sadness.
    While I understand that by design we must lose everything, and that as you express it – there is relief in letting go, how do I overcome the intrinsic loneliness that seems to accompany loss?

  2. Amy McTear

    More times than not, the areas that present us with continual struggle, can be disempowered and transformed by understanding the unconscious story line that is getting repeatedly activated. The feeling of loneliness is very painful and so your tendency would naturally be to resist or to react to the emotion when it presents itself. But next time you feel this familiar emotional current, I would invite you to pause, and observe the story being told to yourself, about yourself in that moment. I am confident you will be able to identify a belief that you have about you in relationships, about loss, loneliness, separation, perhaps abandonment….
    Make whatever the story is fully conscious, write it down, do not edit or disown any of it’s possible childishness, as the story is likely historical for you. It is often something you can trace way back, and in that process you begin to understand the source of it; the level of consciousness at which the story line/problem/issue was created.
    Commonly, we stay stuck because we are trying to solve the problem from the level of consciousness that it was created. Reacting to feelings of loneliness by desperately making plans not be alone, can be an example of trying to solve the problem at the level of consciousness that it was created. This does not free us. We need to reach for the level of conscious awareness that will help us to shift.
    This is about searching for the truer story about you and your relationships. Look toward the one you wish you were living; the different quality of life in this regard, which you are seeking… could be something like …”My life is rich with relationships and yet my relationship with myself is also infinitely rich and fulfilling. .. I am never separate even when I am not physically in the presence of my loved ones… I am at peace, fulfilled and safe when I am alone…”
    When you decide what the truth is from this alternate level of consciousness, or what it is your soul longs for and therefore is meaning to create, you get to begin the joyful process of imprinting the true story. You choose this as your new frequency. You practice it in one or two or more, 15 min chunks throughout the day. You abstain from feeding the former frequency, the loneliness story, as you understand now why it was in place, where it came from and that it is not your ultimate truth. With practice, it becomes easier and easier to vibrate at that level that is more pleasing, and more in alignment with who you are.
    I have had many of my own dealings with loneliness and understand how daunting and heartbreaking it can be. It has been important for me to remove myself from identification with it and really understand that the loneliness is not me… and when it comes up for me, to stop in that moment and ask myself, “Okay, what storyline am I immersed in right now?” This helps me out of the old familiar, habitual fog.
    It is all practice, all frequency, all about making conscious the level of consciousness that we are vibrating at and then selecting the level of consciousness that is more in alignment with our truer self.
    I am in the process of publishing more about spiritual practice and choosing our vibration, that I think might be helpful to you…more details coming shortly about practicing the mind states that we are wanting, shifting out of habitual frequencies/story lines.

  3. c

    Thank you so much Amy. I understand exactly what you are saying. When I remain centered in the present moment, I can maintain short periods of inner peace where the anxiety fades, however I seem to quickly fall back inward when my mind wanders.
    When witnessing nature’s beauty for example, I can become consumed in awe while watching sunlight burst through a foggy tree line in the morning – life forces literally exploding in front of me. While cherishing the sight, almost like clockwork, thoughts of sharing the view with loved ones becomes a fixation. I understand there are two contending states in this case: present awareness in the scene and the creation of a thought convincing me I might gain more sharing the scene with loved ones – as if alone is not enough. That seems to be the trend for me and I’ll take your advice and start exploring why my witnessing is not enough… Thank you for the pointer…


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