A Home Within The Heart

isl7czxip-k-kamesh-vedulaPeriods in our lives of great personal transformation, are commonly accompanied by increased chaos, drama and internal and external storminess.

Periods of immense transpersonal evolution, seem to include a similar chaos, as perhaps is being demonstrated by the dramatic earth changes and large scale environmental disasters, that we now experience.

So, where is our life line anchored when all is quaking?  How can we survive the stress of massive change, be responsive and thrive in these times, increasing our capacity to live joyfully?

We are required to look beneath the surface and beyond the image in the mirror, to identify and revision the vast cosmological story of who we are and how we are related to the whole universe.

Building a sustainable, formidable relationship with our greater nature, helps us to better tolerate the necessary tossing about that need be endured in the illumination process.

Identifying with this larger story, we build a stable home within our own heart, that cannot be dissolved by time and space.  We become rooted in an eternal identity, and know our infinite  safety.


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