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I hear consensus among clients, colleagues and friends is that this is no time to hang back. The current state of affairs in our world is summoning our participation and leadership like never before. Something evolutionarily significant is happening here and there seems to be a great deal at stake.

Big Self – the one within us that is here on purpose – is watchful and ready to take it’s place among the architects of this new phase. We are called to live by our convictions and offer our input in new and profound ways…

When my kids were young, I was something of a superpower. They attributed far greater omniscience to me than was warranted – a normal and necessary phase in childhood and one of the delightful perks of early parenthood. As they each grow, the playing field begins to level and they of course eventually realize, I ain’t all that.  Surrendering one’s parental high hat is a rite of passage and necessary so they can lead.

This is the phase I see humanity in right now. As we emerge from our species childhood, we are naturally questioning authority, losing faith in our leaders and enduring the chaos that comes with breaking our dependence. We are becoming more aware of our individual creative and generative power  – the authority within us, questioning, exploring and struggling to define who we are in this world. Each of us is getting an auspicious chance to reflect personally on who we are, why we are here and how we will lead. It takes courage to follow through, to step up and bring ourselves into life.

“Where are you going to go deeper this year, where can you be brave enough to bring forth even more of yourself — to infuse your work, creativity and business with that which is uniquely YOU, thus inspiring others to do more of the same? What could that look like in 2017 for you? #BringYouForward”  (#Quest 2017 prompt by Kristen Noel)

This same self-reflection is occurring in the collective consciousness. Humanity is in the process of reassessing it’s identity and role in the universe.

Who are we? Why are we here? How and what will we create? 

The pronounced disagreement and conflict, particularly in the social-political sphere, is reflective of the many opinions. This is a time of gathering up ideas and each weighing in. But, beware, fear makes us believe we have to compete with our opinions, annihilate or dehumanize the opposing point of view.

Beneath fear is awareness of our unity. And, unity consciousness illuminates that, yes, we are accountable to bring ourselves forward, stay tuned and involved, but also trusting of this evolutionary process.

I have faith that our illusions about who we are will not sustain us. I trust humanity will arrive at a collective truth and a deep remembering that will inform us in recreating our world.

This post was inspired by my colleague, Brit Bravos post: How are you being called to be brave and lead in 2017? And, Tracking Wonder’s free online, annual event Quest 2017 and the above prompt by  Kristen Noel.






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  1. George Jacobs

    Amy, you are right in tune! It’s the music that this sphere is creating right now, and it’s happening within all of us. A challenging, and glorious, time!


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