The Quest of Every Awakening Being

15027435_1328805540485661_3332381999672964717_nI believe each of us holds within something essential for the whole.  I have learned that personal happiness and well being are inextricably tied to this offering.  I have seen that it ultimately becomes the quest of every awakening being to discover their gift and bring it to life.

Notice I said ‘quest’ and not ‘walk in the park’.   Self discovery can be arduous. It requires ruthless determination, fierce dedication and resilience.  Inner work is notoriously messy and you will certainly find yourself going to the mat with the crew inside your head, those internalized voices of cultural and mental conditioning that imprison the heart, entice you to play it safe, go back to sleep or live someone else’ life kinda well.

But the payoff is big.  Nothing compares to this reunion with inner voice.  Nothing will help you navigate your life more clearly or sit more comfortably in yourself.  Nothing leads you to deeper satisfaction or greater fulfillment than reflecting brightly your truest self into the web…



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