Fees & Services

Private Mentoring Sessions: http://www.amymctear.com/coaching/

1 75 min. $140

6 – 75 min sessions: $675

10 – 75 min sessions: $950.

We can work in person, or over Skype or phone.

Cancellation Policy

Due to my need to maintain a consistent schedule, a 48-hour cancellation notice is required for private sessions, otherwise the client is responsible for the fee.  If the session can be rescheduled within the week, the client will not be charged for the missed session.

SOUNDESCAPES: http://www.amymctear.com/soundescapes/

For Your School, Workplace, Retreat or Private Session… to dissolve tension and blockages, increase clarity and productivity.

Sonic Power Nap : Recalibrate and return fresh to creative projects and demands of work, life and school.  The 45-minute complete journey to relieve stress, still the mind and recharge with powerful sounds that elicit deep release, dissolve and renewal. Can accommodate up to 15 participants at a time. Can do back-to-back sessions.  $850. per session.

‘The Soothing Sound Chamber’ – Great during school midterms and finals, or for the workplace at crunch time.  3 hours of therapeutic sound, stationed in a room where participants are invited to drop in for a quick fix or stay for a deep immersion.  Yoga mats, cushions and back-jacks are set up in your place of work or school, allowing people to come and go as needed.  $1,050.

Intro to Therapeutic Voice Practices – 60-minute workshop.  Simple vocal practices to relieve stress, help access emotional clarity, achieve greater focus, energize, activate and break negative patterns. Participants leave relaxed, energized and empowered to manage their state of health and well being.  $650.

The One True Voice Odysseyhttp://www.amymctear.com/odyssey/

A multimedia, musical 1.5 hour event blending cultural and archetypal wisdom with tools, techniques and meditations for self-discovery.  Participants leave feeling focused, inspired and with a sense of purpose.  Can be followed by 30 min Q & A.  $1250.

Odyssey & Your Epic Note Workshop Combo:  http://www.amymctear.com/colleges/

The Odyssey, plus an additional three hour follow up intensive workshop where students work closely with one another and with Amy to distinguish their true voice from conditioned voices, explore common stumbling blocks and continue the process of moving their lives in the direction of what matters to them most.  Participants take away greater clarity of their particular path, as well as tools, meditations and daily exercises for tuning into their one true voice. $1750.


We Need You, keynote,  20 min speech plus Q & A – $500 plus travel

We Need You, keynote, 1 hour plus Q & A – $850 plus travel

A motivational, educational  and instructional speech encouraging students to choose their life path based on what matters to them most to create fulfilling, successful and valuable lives.

Many millenials feel dissident with the conditions of the world today and are burdened by a bleak outlook on the future. They doubt whether their lives can make a difference. Heirs to a dispirited dream that promises an illusory security if they conform, they have been conditioned to make life choices based on fear, rather than inspiration. We Need You asserts that each person is not only capable of affecting a new reality for humanity, but accountable. A much deeper security is available through discovering and cultivating what matters to you most.


Weddings $750

Memorials, Rites of Passage, Baby Blessings, Circles – please inquire