Fees & Services


Coaching Packages: http://www.amymctear.com/coaching/

All packages include 60 min a week of live coaching (4xs a month ), Text & Email Support, Private Community on FB

3-Month Coaching Package: $1500

6-Month Coaching Package: $2500

12-Month Coaching Package: $4000 (Inner Balance™ Trainer or emWave®2 Technology included)

  • Align heart, mind & life purpose
  • Disempower negative beliefs
  • Reframe your life and reprogram your mindset with custom  TrueVoiceTrax
  • Learn energy management techniques to help you emotionally self-regulate, access your heart’s intelligence and establish a new baseline.
  • Use Technology that helps you track & improve your response to stress
  • Get a free Brainwave Entrainment Track from my original library

We can work in person, or over Skype or phone.

phone: 914-388-0632

skype: amy.mctear


SOUNDESCAPES: http://www.amymctear.com/soundescapes/

For Your School, Workplace, Retreat or Private Session… to dissolve tension and blockages, increase clarity and productivity.

Sonic Power Nap : Recalibrate and return fresh to creative projects and demands of work, life and school.  The 45-minute complete journey to relieve stress, still the mind and recharge with powerful sounds that elicit deep release, dissolve and renewal. Can accommodate up to 15 participants at a time. Can do back-to-back sessions.  $675. per session includes travel within 75 miles.

‘The Soothing Sound Chamber’ – Great during school midterms and finals, or for the workplace at crunch time.  3 hours of therapeutic sound, stationed in a room where participants are invited to drop in for a quick fix or stay for a deep immersion.  Yoga mats, cushions and back-jacks are set up in your place of work or school, allowing people to come and go as needed.  $1,050 per session includes travel within 75 miles.

Speaking: http://www.amymctear.com/we-need-you/

We Need You, keynote,  20 min speech plus Q & A – $500 plus travel

We Need You, keynote, 1 hour plus Q & A – $850 plus trave