You Can Eliminate These 3 Forms of Self-Sabotage:

Simply By Deciding You’re Worthy of Your Dreams

We do not give ourselves enough credit. We are powerful. But, we often use our power to sabotage ourselves. The true influencers of our success are our own inner voices.

At one time, there was a singular, unified voice within you – your one true voice, waiting to guide you every step of the way. Now, you likely host a gaggle of internalized voice-over that doesn’t align with who you meant to be.

It’s Time To Consider The Crew You Keep

“I consider every day we don’t die a success.” -Fear, 2015 Pixar/Disney Film Inside Out

It took a while for each of us to build this inner cast of characters. Likely, a few dominate those 8 precious inches between your ears. They push their negative agenda and repurpose their message across many scenarios in your life. And, they often do so under the guise that they’re keeping you safe.

We get addicted to their bad news, their dramatic reels and eery headlines. We don’t notice anymore how they devastate us and sabotage us before we even start our day.

We once expected happiness. We once anticipated that our reality would match our dreams. But we were slowly conditioned to the cultural myth that dreams are for children or a lucky few, or just a temporary means of escape.

Remember How It Was

“Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions.” -attributed to Mark Twain

Remember leaping out of bed??

Remember when the day was dedicated to exploration and play???

There was a time when you flowed organically from one point of interest to the next. You instinctually searched for something to light you up inside. You’d find it and engage. You’d create in response to it and it would lead you somewhere else. You were finding your place in the world. You were generating dreams.

But, then you got the message from culture that this inner navigation system was actually a flaw within you, original sin, a mistake, something that would get you into trouble.

And so began the overhaul of how you surfaced into each day. You abided by an outer authority. You learned to sit in chairs for long periods of time. Your focus was forced and you were rewarded when you followed instructions. Sacred exploration was replaced by toil and useful, remunerative work.

The one true voice within you was demoted and a host of extrinsic banter crowded the inner space. Unbeknownst to you, you were in training to be someone else.

The Practicality of Dreaming

Culturally conditioned voices are sneaky. They convince us we are unworthy of our own greatest visions. They program us to distrust our imagination and dismiss our dreams, when dreaming is step 1 in delivering our most valuable contribution.

We are born with an instinct to reach out and engage. We are wired to find something we care about deeply and then become a caretaker of it. We are inventors, creators and problem solvers. If left to our own devices, each of us would alter and improve our own small part of the web in some way. We’d feel better and create a better world at the same time. It is time we remember this.

Your One True Voice Is The Executor of Your Mission

“Your calling is where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.”- Frederick Buechner

You one true voice might be muffled, but it is undoubtably still present. It is so essential to the blueprint of a human being that it can’t be removed. It continues to send you signals on a daily basis, prompting you in the direction of your goals and the gifts that your soul intended to magnify into this reality. When you retune to its resonance your reality is very different.

I’ve learned to recognize the tone of my one true voice. It is even-keeled, no-nonsense and it fears nothing. It knows what I need to do, even if I resist. It doesn’t make excuses or waiver. It has no capacity for small talk. It’s clear, but it isn’t forceful. It respects my choice to ignore it.

Whether I am worthy or not is not even on its radar. It has one job – to direct me to that mystical confluence of where I light up and the world needs my light.

My one true voice knows I am here to evolve myself and uplift the whole. It signals me through my dreams, my imagination. It’s objective is to help me become my best self and make my most profound contribution.

Forget Being Good Enough

“Martin Luther King, that man never had a dream. That dream had him. People don’t choose dreams. Dreams choose them. So the question I am getting to is do you have the courage to grab the dream that picked you, that befits you and grips you, or will you let it get away and slip through? -Prince Ea, EVERYBODY DIES, BUT NOT EVERYBODY LIVES short film

I hope that you’re beginning to understand that being good enough or capable isn’t the question. The question is: Will you accept the adventure of your life and say yes to the dream that has you?

You are accountable to the mysterious longings and desires that visit you consistently. Your one true voice is messaging you and it is up to you to make sense of it. You are answerable to your dreams.

When you know this, when you truly understand the reason why you and everyone else was born, these 3 forms of self-sabotage disengage. They no longer have a role to play in your reality:

1. Procrastination

When you fully understand that your most inspired dreams have efficacy and purpose in guiding you to your own success and the better world you seek, you’re like a child again who can’t tolerate sleeping in because it means less time to play and explore. Every day is a wondrous treasure hunt. To procrastinate is to delay your fulfillment. You’re eager to enact that beautiful vision you have for your life.

You trust and listen carefully to your one true voice. You discern your wants, needs, cares. Finding your unique role in this world is your most sacred task. Procrastination is a form of damming up the stream. You’re well aware that it hinders your own well being and that of the whole web of life.

You expect to hit bumps and run into roadblocks, but you don’t resist because you know they simply indicate you need to listen more carefully. They are clues about which way to go.

2. Playing It Safe

When you remember that you were born to live out the dream that befits and grips you, you aren’t even tempted to choose the known or societally sanctioned path. You aim for the bullseye of your own life calling, forging your path as you go. You go for precisely what you want. Its not good enough to just get close. You know your job is to distill the dream that has you, and to match your inner and outer reality.

You know it involves risk, and you trust you’ll be guided. You craft your most potent life by being absolutely true to yourself and taking action. You don’t swallow your voice, dull your expression or endlessly crave external validation. You don’t need to prove your worth because your worth is intrinsic. You stop trying to perfect yourself. You act now instead.

3. Self-Destructive Behavior

Knowing you’re a vital part of the web challenges you to a higher accountability and a deeper sense of self-worth. You take responsibility for and value your own wellbeing.

It’s clear to you that your body is your vehicle for manifestation. It’s necessary for the fulfillment of your dreams and the only one you got. You educate yourself on how to take the best care of it you can.

It is of primary importance to maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and be at your absolute best. You learn by trial and error what agrees with you and what doesn’t. You learn how to balance your emotions and your thoughts so they support you in living out your purpose.


The beliefs and commands that come from our own unconscious determine our success. We will never eliminate the voices in our heads, but we can become more conscious of them.

Once aware of the crew you keep, you can begin to break your unconscious identification with them. You are less persuaded by their urgency and are free to act and speak without their burdensome influence. The crew inside is no longer running the show, and you are far more capable of identifying and being guided by your one true voice.

All of us, by virtue of being human, are worthy of our dreams and more than that, we are accountable. When this is your cosmology, you easily access the motivation and trust needed to venture forth, persist and succeed.

Mastering your inner voices and giving the reigns back to the one true voice within you enables you to manifest your best life and make your most potent contribution.

Ready to start?

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