Electing our own Leadership

14939951_1321107377922144_5588802022670295908_oIf we woke up this morning and Clinton had won by the razors edge, we would still have a very big problem – we are a species fiercely divided, both within and without. Fear, violence and hatred are par for the course in our societies and our inner lives.

As much as I am grieving this outcome, as much as I am struck and stymied that we could elect a leader whose campaign blatantly promoted ignorance, hatred, misogyny, bigotry and xenophobia… I know that the “winner” faces a daunting reality of trying to govern a nation fiercely divided and in chaos.

For non-Trump supporters this outcome forces greater awakening and does not allow us to fall back asleep. It has forced me to continuously contend with the part of me that wants to hate back. But I have watched carefully how that impulse only hurts me and gets me no closer to what I truly want. It moves me farther from who I really am.

This election has challenged my capacity to see the humanity in everyone, to see how at the heart of it, we all want the same thing – we want better lives. And we are each trying to define a structure for how that can happen.

We cannot look to our politicians to provide us with better lives, freedom to be who we are and happiness. This is an inner stance, make no mistake. Please take that inner stance. Support your reality from within. Hold that inner strength and command. Accept nothing less than your greatest vision for your life and your world. I believe humanity has the potential to wake up here. I believe that waking up can and, in this case, does look like this.

This outcome presents us with a golden opportunity to see who we really are. And this election has shown us also that we cannot sit back and assume someone else will speak on our behalf.

I elect my own leadership. I pledge to bring forth my voice fully. I claim my power over my life, my destiny. I implore you to accept nothing less and to do your best not to succumb to a bleak picture of our future.

Who’s Calling?

Screenshot 2016-08-25 19.18.36I was introduced us to the concept of a calling by the Catholic Sisters that taught me throughout grade school. They informed us small humans that God would be calling a certain percentage of us to the religious life, meaning the convent or the priesthood. They let us know that denial was futile. If we were being called, we would eventually have to answer. All of about 8 years old, I could think of nothing worse than a life in the convent. I feared the call and prayed God would take no notice of me.

I was lead to believe that my calling was an outer voice.

The greater part of my recovery from depression (which began for me at a very early age) included redefining defeating beliefs inherent within my religious and cultural myths. I believe my depression was a spiritual response to having to diminish the dreamer inside, the imaginal being that I was, the one to whom conforming to an outer authority literally meant death – the death of my unique purpose and my mission.

Our calling is the voice of authority within us, calling us to wake up to exactly who we are, to create the life that resonates with us at our core. I believe the majority of our problems stem from resistance to our own natural unfolding.

I healed by questioning the root principles of the myths that defined my cultural cosmology. I forged my own relationship to the spiritual. I felt into what was most true for me and began the process of realigning my nervous system to the beliefs that lifted rather than repressed me. My depression ceased over a dozen years ago and I have no expectation of it returning.

I have shared this with many of my young students and adult clients over the years, and in raising my own three children. At the same time, I encouraged them to seek out what is uniquely true for them. I imagine how our world would be different if we offered this guardianship to our young:

Follow your joy and excitement, child. It is your own vibrational guidance informing you that you are on your true path.

Never dismiss your wildest dreams, as they have efficacy and purpose in showing you who you came to be.

Do what you care about. It is your path of least resistance and will enable your native brilliance and enduring creativity.

Follow your wonder, child. It is designed to show you what you care about, but more importantly, what you have promised to caretake and serve.

Much Love,



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