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Radio Woodstock 100.1 WDST Interview, 9/13/16 with MK on Locally Grown, a weekly celebration of the greater NY area’s thriving original music scene:

Interview 6/16/16 w/ Gary Goldberg on 91.5 WRPI Gary Goldberg conducts an inspirational and informative interview with Amy McTear about her recently published book, We Need You, A Call to an Imaginal.

Article in the Hudson Valley Community College Paper: “Yoga mats and cushions were set up for participants to sit on or lie down and relax. While walking through the path of the labyrinth, soothing acoustic sounds played by McTear filled the room. Among the instruments that she used were a symphonic gong, crystal singing bowls, Native American flute, monochord, and chimes.”

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Newspaper Article on 7th Annual New Year’s Day Event: “Noting how most cultures have emphasized singing as a communal experience, rather than masses of people listening to the music of a few star performers, McTear aims to reacquaint people with their anthropological roots. “I believe we are coming back to the awareness that each person comes with a gift. The work is to find out what it is you’ve come to offer, and what you’ve come to learn, too.”Dec 24, 2014 Weekly Almanac:Ann Hutton

Radio Interview with Hope Ives Moran on WHVW 950 am Poughkeepsie NY:

‘Living and Being’ Magazine Dec 2014: “McTear invites the audience to add our voices, to be part of the internal creation of the experience, not as witnesses but as participants. it is moving, harmonic, beautiful.”

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