Decide Who’s Boss

cxj7iaiqos4-stefan-raynerIts pretty simple. We must decide who’s boss. We will never have total control over outer circumstances and other people, but when it comes to our state of being, we are the ones ultimately in control. And, my friends, this is where it really matters, as our state of being is what truly determines our experience of reality.

If you find yourself fearful these days, or waking up in the middle of the night haunted by what you witnessed on the news…if  you drag yourself out of bed most mornings anything short of brimming with hope, then I challenge you to look at what part of you has given authority to a dissonant, vibrationally-foreign storyline.

I have found myself here more than once, recently. And then I remind myself, I hold the highest office in the land when it comes to how I feel, what I believe is possible. I determine the quality and conditions of my life. It is not some person in public office, unless I decide to let their story trump mine. We must not be too swept away by the tales of these times. We have to maintain our hold on the steering wheel.

Our dispirited cultural myths have conditioned us to do this. Generations of humans have believed an outer authority determines their fate. That was our collective child consciousness. We are growing up now. Yes, it is not all up to us. There is a force of mystery in the universe that we play with, that the rishis of India called ‘Leela’.  I call it life, which to me feels best in describing it’s ineffable quality. You can call it God, love, energy or whatever you are comfortable with. We are in partnership with this force. It’s a collaboration. But as a whole, I believe we totally underestimate our power in this partnership.

Try this: Change your attitude. Ingest a diet high in positive thoughts . Set aside time each day for intentional day dreaming about your life. Not the fantasies about what you fear, but the fantasies about what you would love to do, who you would love to be, if anything were possible, if it were up to you to write the script…because it is.



8 thoughts on “Decide Who’s Boss

  1. Nancy L. Seibel

    Oh, I am so in love with each word you wrote here, Amy. This has great meaning for me both on a personal level and on the level of my role in making a difference in what’s happening in our world. Thank you.

  2. George Jacobs

    Hey Amy,
    Such a timely message– beautifully and succinctly encapsulated!

    Here’s a huge positive thought that lays bare the illusion of separation:

    Success is as dangerous as failure.
    Hope is as hollow as fear.

    What does it mean that success is as dangerous as failure?
    Whether you go up the ladder or down it,
    your position is shaky.
    When you stand with your two feet upon the ground,
    you will always keep your balance.

    What does it mean that hope is as hollow as fear?
    Hope and fear are both phantoms
    that arise from thinking of the self.
    If we have no selves,
    what trouble would we have?

    Man’s true self is eternal,
    yet he thinks “I am this body and will soon die”.
    If we have no body, what calamities can we have?
    One who sees himself as everything
    is fit to be guardian of the world.
    One who loves himself as everyone
    is fit to be the teacher of the world.
    –Lao Tzu

  3. Amy McTear Post author

    Wow! Thanks, George. I particularly adore the last lines:

    One who sees himself as everything
    is fit to be guardian of the world.
    One who loves himself as everyone
    is fit to be the teacher of the world.

    And, I am reminded of a dear friend of mine who said to me a few days ago, that he knows his life is not his…And, in knowing this, I have watched over the years how he has been able to put himself in situations many of us would consider dangerous and would never intentionally subject ourselves. He will be the one to fearlessly approach someone who is mentally ill and violent in the middle of the night with no protection, offer his life, not afraid, form but loving….


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