3-Month Coaching Intensive with Amy



Remove Life-Long Subconscious Blocks

& Achieve Your Most Important Goals


“There is no greater burden than an unfulfilled potential.” – Charles M. Schultz

Live coaching course with Amy McTear to lead you through the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind to achieve your most important goals

  • clarify your most important goal
  • gain access to your subconscious programming
  • uncover the hidden resistance that’s been keeping you stuck
  • learn how your subconscious mind works and how to use it to your advantage
  • generate new, beneficial mental programs
  • develop your own laser list of auto-suggestions
  • effectively eliminate negative beliefs
  • learn how and when to reprogram your subconscious mind
  • receive your own custom self-hypnosis track, featuring your one true voice

Did you know that most of what you believe about yourself and your capacities was hardwired into your subconscious mind before the age of 6-years old?

Your core beliefs and early programming will likely determine your success, unless you consciously intervene. Becoming aware of limiting beliefs can diminish their strength, but often does not eliminate their presence. It’s vital that you reprogram your subconscious mind, update the beliefs you have about yourself and life, and rescript the inner voices.

If there’s something you really want to achieve but cannot seem to make happen, despite your persistent effort there is likely a subconscious program running beneath your awareness that is keeping you stuck. The good news is that you can intervene and reprogram these subconscious beliefs, or respond to their wisdom. If you do nothing however, you will likely continue to:

  • fall short of your potential
  • waste your time and resources
  • develop more negative beliefs about yourself
  • possibly go your entire life not living up to your dreams and your potential

Understanding your negative beliefs and reprogramming the limiting inner stories that keep you from being, having, doing what you want is necessary and possible. You just need to know what they are and how to do it.  This is what we will do in this course.

This is a 3-month live coaching course beginning December 2019, and ending in February 2020.  

The course includes 4 group meetings & 4 private sessions with Amy. You can participate in-person (New Paltz, NY) or virtually via Zoom. Space Limited to 8 participants.

Once you join, your private sessions will be scheduled with Amy. Group sessions will be scheduled at that time as well. The schedule of those 4 meetings (over the 3 month period) will be based on the availability of the group.

Course includes:

classwork, discussion, follow-up instructional videos and workbook.

Optional supplemental reading list provided, meditations and emotional self-regulation practices.

4 group sessions, 4 private sessions with Amy

Your very own 30-minute professionally mixed and mastered self-hypnosis track (True Voice Track).

See class syllabus here: UYI Syllabus*.

*Participants should plan on one hour a week of homework for the duration of the course.

The cost for the 3 month course is $895.

Call / message / email for more information


[email protected]

Details About Your Customized Track 

As is mentioned above, one of the great takeaways of this course is that you receive your very own, customized self-hypnosis track featuring your own voice. You are your own best hypnotist after all. You are hearing your voice in your head around the clock. At this point, it likely is a lot of negative self-talk. It is very powerful to hear your own voice speaking the new verse. It can embed the message that much deeper and potentially more swiftly.

Your True Voice Track (TVT) is a high quality, professionally mixed and mastered 30-minute self-hypnosis track, that you can listen to when falling off to sleep, upon waking, during meditation, or as a power nap during the day.

Listening to your TVT strengthens your connection to your one true voice. It reinforces what you discovered in the course and helps continue the upgrade. It also mitigates the presence and the power of the conditioned voices from your early childhood programming. 

The recording includes isochronic tones, which are a safe form of brainwave entrainment (you can also request a track without Isochronic tones and still receive tremendous benefits), ambient sound – including nature sounds, my original vocals and instrumentation, sacred syllables and mantras to make your listening experience potent enjoyable and relaxing.  


Like the heart, the brain will synchronize to an outer stimulus. This is called entrainment. Brainwave entrainment can be done with pulsing light, low energy electromagnetic fields, or sound from monaural beats, binaural beats or isochronic tones.

I embed isochronic tones subtly into the music. The tones are set at a frequency (7hz – theta) which can help you bypass the mental and emotional barriers that would normally make the mind resistant to change, making your auto-suggestions that much more effective.

Theta frequencies are prevalent when we are in a deep state of meditation or light sleep, and research shows that this is the brain state were we are most open to suggestion or reprogrammable.

Isochronic tones are a very safe form of audio brainwave stimulation.






I just finished this program and I was amazed at what deep held beliefs were uncovered that no longer serve me. I highly recommend Amy McTear, she is a grounded and compassionate coach. If you’re ready to do the work, go for it! I’ve already experienced many positive shifts – Thank you, Amy! Cathy Vogt

Certified Health Counselor / Professional Chef

Amy McTear’s course helped me identify important core belief patterns that were blocking my ability to achieve my relationship goals. I recognized how some of my internal beliefs served me and some were blocks. Her course includes rewriting these “internal scripts” which resulted in an extensive list of positive personal affirmations. Amy artfully synthesized the personal affirmation statements, recorded in my own voice, with brainwave entrainment, dynamic ocean sounds and my favorite mantra. Amy brings her amazing creativity as a musician to the personal tracks. She encourages you to customize your track with the healing sounds most resonant for you! This personalized audio track is a gift that keeps giving. Thank you! Kathryn Andren

Amy helped me find the exact thing in my subconscious that has been blocking me from achieving success for years! After it hit me, it became so obvious that I was laughing in disbelief. 

Upgrading Your Inner Verse showed me how certain words and phrases in my self talk have been perpetuating negativity and holding me back. Now that I know the source, it has become easier for me to move forward and continue to improve on my goals with a clearer understanding of my psyche. 

Thank you Amy. Your course is powerful and empowering.  Hanibal Luis Negron

I took Amy’s Upgrading Your Inner-Verse Course to address my chronic pain and sleep issues.  By following the course, I was finally able to gain access to the hidden agendas of my subconscious mind! I was then able to bring those secret blueprints into the light of my conscious awareness. Now using a recording of my own voice and Amy’s sublime background music, I am lovingly and emphatically setting myself straight and aligning my true desires and intentions. I have a much better understanding of the root causes of my pain patterns and I am sleeping brilliantly and waking refreshed! Simply brilliant!!  Thank you, Amy! Dahlia Bartz-Cabe

I have completed Amy’s course, and I feel a deep gratitude for this experience.
With her support and guidance, I was able to claim and express my core desire.  Through her use of a very powerful process, I am discovering more and more about my true self. Part of what Amy offers is a recorded track of your own voice expressing affirmations that you create.  I can now listen to my voice claiming what I most deeply desire.
This is a new chapter for me. I now experience hope and great expectation for the on-going fulfillment of my life purpose and mission. This course, the process and it’s ongoing impact is serving me in the present, and preparing me for my future. I feel hopeful for the manifestation of my core desire of offering healing and love.

Thank you, Amy! Diana Smith

I just finished taking “Upgrading Your Inner-Verse” and got my recording! Any time I feel that old, familiar doubt creeping in, I put on my custom track and let it play and the doubt starts to melt away. This course helped me realize that the doubt I often feel is not truly me. When I hear my own voice repeating my inner truths, I remember who I am. It’s pretty profound! I am so grateful for the course and all the work we did. Thank you, Amy! Adam Bradley