Tuning Consciousness

Any activity performed in a conscious manner can be regarded as a spiritual practice…walking, doing dishes, gardening, journaling, even taking daily naps.  There are many traditional and new age practices as well such as yoga, tai chi, conscious eating, sufi whirling, tea ceremony, painting, calligraphy, flower arranging, sacred sexuality, breath work, repetition of mantra…and more.

The most powerful form of practice that I know of however, is the method of tuning into the state of consciousness that we are hoping to someday reside in full time.  If your spiritual goal is to feel unlimited and it is a life long feeling of scarcity that you suffer from, then what could be more logical and effective than practicing the feeling of abundance?

If like many people you are ready to reclaim more joy for yourself, then start by tuning into joyful thoughts for 15 minutes a day.  Simply close your eyes and dedicate yourself to nothing other than feeling your inherent wellness and inborn happiness.  Imagine.  Try on.  Act it out inside yourself.  The more you carve out time to feel it, the more you begin to expand your ability to hold that higher vibrational state.

If it is a feeling of separation that you have established a long standing identity with, then practice the emotional state of unity.  For 15 sacred minutes, begin living your life as you want it.  Feel merged, involved, part of….allow yourself the feeling that you have been denied.

How else can we possibly get to where we want to be, besides going there?  Acknowledge that nobody and nothing will ever come along and hand you what you want in this regard.  Only you can take yourself there.  And why not go there sooner rather than later?

It is most important to tailor your spiritual practice to your particular needs and goals and make sure that it is something that you enjoy.  You need not devote hours.  Even 15 minutes of practice a day has the power to yield significant results.  Let’s stay tuned around this and keep in touch and see what happens!


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