Calling On The Big Self


Ya know that part of you that tells you exactly what you need – that inner, often rogue voice that has no interest in pleasing, that will defy the voice of reason and resist demands for productivity if little you is out of integrity with who you are and why you are here?

Yeah, we’re talking Big You, whose sole purpose is to maintain your trajectory toward your soul purpose. Big You has its eye on your best life, optimal heath and wellbeing, and most importantly, you being able to successfully bring the full gift of you into this world.

What happens when you listen to Big You? What happens when you don’t?

Cultural myths train us to attach our sense of self-worth to how much we get done and how we measure up to outer standards. Each of us came here to do something specific, something unique. We are on a mission to give something and to grow something in ourselves. The answer for what to do and how to do it is not anywhere “out there”.

My 6th Tracking Wonder #Quest2017 prompt today comes from author JOCELYN K GLEIHow can you shift your focus from “keeping busy” to “leaving a legacy”?   

I have begun a practice of listening each morning. Before I get out of bed, I allow for 15-20 minutes of silently connecting with my inner being. I start by becoming aware of my inner body, especially the region of my heart. I recall my deepest desires, feel into what I want to do while I am on this earth, who I imagine myself being and how I want to love.
I place all my attention on this energy and as I do, it grows. I enjoy this 15-20 minutes of basking in who I truly am. I feel the power and intelligence of this greater self. Feelings of struggle, separation and aloneness diminish.
I rise, make my smoothie and tea, and begin sculpting my day. I run an integrity check once I am finished my to-do list, making sure that all tasks aligns with the vision of my Big Self.
With Big Self in the ultimate driver seat, my mind is able to release the the burden of having to figure out how to make it all happen. In fact, I have learned that the mind can slow our progress by getting over involved in the “how”.  It really is not the job of the mind, but of the Big Self.  More on that later!






One thought on “Calling On The Big Self

  1. George Jacobs

    Hey Amy,

    Right in sync! I just began deepening this exact practice this morning (after several hours of small self suffering)!

    I recently discovered a delightful divine clown fifth dimensional chuckling buddha teacher– Matt Kahn. Have you experienced him? He’s got more than an armful of profoudly rich video talks on his website. Would love to hear what you think of him!




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