4dpaqftbvka-jeremy-thomasI believe we are at a juncture in human evolution where we have an opportunity to make significant shifts in how we live, move, breathe, relate.  Our cosmology is shifting.  That is to say, we are beginning to view the relationship of the human being to the universe in a new way.  We are redefining our purpose, becoming more conscious of our power, our impact, and our infinite possibility.

There is inherent pressure in change and a medicinal power in our coming together in ways that soothe us in this transformation of human consciousness. So many people are questioning why they do what they do, how they live, who they really are.  We sense there is something more to us, some untapped potential, a possibility for a life more embodied.

While things out there in the world appear to be intensifying, we are inwardly sparked with wonder and a growing compassion.   We have the potential for a golden age and the healing of many of humanity’s wounds.


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