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In a world saturated with content, my goal is to offer clarified, concise insights and queries that inspire dialogue and support us in our personal and collective evolution. The topics include life path, individual calling, cultural myths, personal goals, self-care, accountability and collective purpose. Enjoy & please share your comments!


Our Inhumanity

Probably not news to you, but current research substantiates that human beings are an exceptionally cruel species. Evidence of our ...
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Enlisting The 3rd Side

“If the imagination cannot or does not create a new direction, the will can only move in a circle.” - ...
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Decide Who’s Boss

Its pretty simple. We must decide who's boss. We will never have total control over outer circumstances and other people, ...
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Calling On The Big Self

Ya know that part of you that tells you exactly what you need - that inner, often rogue voice that ...
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Go With Oneself – Lead

I hear consensus among clients, colleagues and friends is that this is no time to hang back. The current state ...
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Well Within

I imagine a deep well within me - a rich, fertile, sanctified landscape at the center of my being that ...
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Growing Up as a Species

We have colluded with a world that denies our true nature, making it an unsustainable world. In our growing up ...
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Electing our own Leadership

If we woke up this morning and Clinton had won by the razors edge, we would still have a very ...
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Who’s Calling?

I was introduced us to the concept of a 'calling' by the Catholic Sisters that taught me throughout grade school ...
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